Bible Journaling: Chapter of the Week


Bible Journaling for May 23-30

Choose any or all options and join in at the Bible Journaling  Facebook Group.

  1. Chapter of the Week:  Matthew 5 The Sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes)
  2. Chronological Study this Week: Genesis 2 The Sabbath and Creation of Man  
  3. Topic of the Month: We begin June 1.

How it Works

  • Read Four Steps
  • Download Worksheet
  • Pray & Read the chapter
  • Watch a Video below  (optional)
  • Fill out the Key Worksheet (optional)
  • Use the Inductive methods to ark your Bible (optional)
  • Use free Bible Study tools to look up anything you question
  • Choose a verse.
  • Journal** the verse(s) in your Bible, notebook,  or Journal or fill out a worksheet.
  • Post your image on the Facebook Group WEEK 4 Album 
    • Matthew 5 Album
    • Genesis 2 Album
  • In the description include:
    • any thing you learned or want to share
    •  #chapteroftheweek
    • supplies you used (it helps all of us)

*Either color an image in the margin (for those using Inspire and Creative Bibles) or any Bible using  your favorite mediums (paints, inks, stamps, markers, washi tape, sticker, gel pens, gelatos, etc.)

Matthew 5 Beatitudes Study Cards

Download Free Study Cards at Hebrews for Christians. These are perfect Tip-tip to washi tape in your Bible.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 07.54.55


Matthew 5  Video

Matthew 5, 6 and 7 contain the Sermon on the Mount. So we will continue with chapter 6 next week and 7 the week after.

Genesis 2 Video

Excellent video by Tom Bradford (my pastor).

Inductive Bible Study Sample

You can download an inductive study guide here. 

james inductive


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