Bible Journaling in Jeremiah & Sale with Coupon

So we should study Jeremiah because we want to know Christ better and see God deepen our endurance in the gospel so that our hope in God and his promises will grow. 

Jeremiah shows us the fullness of God's character.

Jeremiah contains the prophetic oracles of the late-seventh to early-sixth century Judahite prophet, Jeremiah, along with biographical information about him and prose sermons. Jeremiah prophesied the deportation of the elites of Judah in 597 bc, the destruction of Jerusalem, and further deportations in 587–86 bc. 

 Jeremiah 17:7-8

 Jeremiah 29:11

 Jeremiah 33:3

 Jeremiah 17:7

 Jeremiah 2:13

 Jeremiah 2:13

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 Jeremiah 32:39

 Jeremiah 32:39


If you get stuck on what to Bible journaling try this: 

  1. Decide what book you want to journal about.
  2. Go to the Pinterest board Bible Journaling OT or Bible Journal NT.
  3. Scroll to you book you want to joule about. 
  4. Be inspired! Bookmark these boards so you can check back. 

A Pinterest Invitation

If you would like to contribute to my Bible Journaling Board message me (through Pinterest or facebook) You need to send me your Pinterest email so I can invite you to the board (the email you used to sign up to Pinterest). You can post your own pages and other's Bible Journaling pages. Its a super way to encourage one another!

I think these boards will help the Bible journaling community. I love looking at all the verses people choose and the different techniques and illustrations. It's a real blessing! 

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