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Discovering Hope in the Psalms – with Illustrated Coloring Pages and Scripture Bookmarks

This Isn’t Your Average Bible Study”What an incredibly unique and creative Bible study! It’s multilayered, dimensional, theologically rich, touching the senses—enlightening the mind, capturing the heart.”—Kay Arthur, cofounder of Precept Ministries International —Jones not only unpacks the historical and theological meaning of the Psalms, but provides practical exercises to personally experience these truths in your daily […]

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Digital Bible Journaling: Top 10 Mistakes

Mistake 1. Drop Shadowed TextThe number one mistake is adding drop shadows to text. Drop shadows are added to simulate 3D depth in a 2D image. You can dramatically change the look of an image with a applied shadow. However text does not need a drop shadow! Do not add one.  Never Stretch or Squeeze FontsDistorting […]

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What is a Bible Tip-In? 4 Freebies!

A Bible Tip-in is a way to add extra space to your Bible Journaling area. You can use both sides of the tip in for notes, prayers or cross reference verses.  Use a piece of washi tape to adhere on side into your Bible page. This creates a mini page you can flip open. But […]

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Take it up a Notch: Improve Your Bible Journaling Time

This is a little tip that can make a huge impact on your Bible time.  This morning I wanted to make a page on Romans 12 “Cling to What is Good” As I made this page I listened to the book of Romans on Youtube. I love it!. I listened to the entire book. This page […]

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5 Ways to Save on Printer Ink

Printer manufactures sell you cheap printers so you knowing you will have to spend a fortune on their special printer ink. Ounce for Ounce Some Ink Jet Printer Ink Cost More than Fine Champagne  #1. Buy Third-Party or Re-manufactured InksYou can save by buying re-manufactured ink online. Re-manufactured ink cartridges cost less than half the price of […]

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10 Ways to Bible Journal Digitally

There is so much you can do digitally! Here are a few Bible journaling ideas with samples below and digital class information.Print and place in a Bible or Praise BookCreate margin strips to adhere to Bible or planner marginsUse a Bible template and share in social mediaPrint and create an albumCreate hymnal pages (to share or frame)Print and frame creationsPrint and […]

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