Digital Mixed Media Tutorial for Bible Journaling

I love Tracie’s stunning colors pallets! I could browse her shop at The Digital Press all day!

So many of you on our Bible Journaling Facebook Group have asked how I make my digital Bible journal pages. I found a great step-by-step tutorial on making a paper mixed Media background by Tracie Stroud here and thought I would make a comparison between paint & paper mixed media and digital mixed media by comparing step-by step. I love both methods and often combine both methods so most of my pages are hybrid.

Tracie’s Tutorial shows great step-by-step and list every product (with links) she uses. 

Step 1 & 2

I am using Photoshop. The steps are almost the same in Photoshop Elements. If you are new to PSE see the PSE Class for the basics here.

PAINT & PAPER STEP 1:  open a notebook.

DIGITAL STEP 1:  is a little more involved. I  opened this open book image in Photoshop. You can download a free book template here. 

PAINT & PAPER STEP 2:   Tracie adds some vintage torn paper (ephemera) from her stash.

DIGITAL STEP 2: I used similar ephemera  images from my art journaling stash. Simply drag and drop from my images onto the digital notebook. (No Glue, No Scissors, No Mess)

Steps 3 & 4

PAINT & PAPER STEP 3 & 4: Tracie adds paint dollops then blends to make a stunning background with a dry coarse bristle brush. FUN! You can find all the paint supplies listed at the end of Tracie’s tutorial. 

Click image for larger view

DIGITAL STEPS 3 & 4: To make this digitally I loaded the red and yellow to my color picker. Then I did an Internet search for a dry course brush and found a free one from Spoongraphics here. 

One of the secrets to digital painting is by playing with the blend modes for each brush stroke layer. Try multiplying or overlaying the layer. This way the colors blend and the paper shows through. On this page I used a lot of yellow with the blend mode set to overlay it turned it the lovely peachy salmon color.

Once you create one digital multimedia background like this you can make several copies in different colors using the Image/Adjustment/Hue to build your background stash! You can download my background at the bottom of this page.

Step 5 and 6

PAINT & PAPER STEP STEP 5 & 6: After the paint dried, she collaged on some patterned tissue paper and washi tape pieces. Then added paint for texture.

DIGITAL STEP 5 & 6: I did not have to wait for the paint to dry. 🙂

I added texture by drawing and dropping digital elements like washi tape and digital papers.

My favorite part adding art journaling elements like coffee stains and bubble wrap. You can use digital stamps (png images , shapes or brushes)

Click image for larger view

Final Steps

PAINT & PAPER STEP STEPS 6 & 7; See Tracie‘s tutorial for a detailed explanation of her final steps. 

You can download the flower I created here

More Ways to Bible Journal Digitally

Above was only one way. Click here to see 10 Ways to Bible Journal Digitally! 

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