Five Ways to Bible Journal

You can Bible journal on boat, with a goat,  in the rain or on a train.  Whoops. Wrong story. You can Bible journal in a wide margin Bible, in a regular Bible, in a notebook, in a planner, on your computer or iPad! Below are some samples and links. 

1. Bible Journaling in a Bible (Tip-Ins)

If you do not have a Bible with a wide margin you can use Tip-ins. Simply washi tape a tip in into your regular Bible! Click the subscribe button above to get four Free Tip-Ins.

This is a sample of journaling in a regular Bible using a Tip-In.You can use watercolor pencils to color the page then use washi tape to tape put in a tip in like this Abraham Family Tree from the Patriarchal Class. 

2. Bible Journal in a Wide Margin Bible

This is a sample of journaling in a wide margin  Bible using Bible margin strips. You can download free margin strips and tip-ins from this blog. 

Use sticker, alphas, and washi tape in a wide margin Bible. 

Use sticker, alphas, and washi tape in a wide margin Bible.                                                                                          Use the search box on the top right and search for Free Margin Strips on this blog! 

3. Bible Journal in a Notebook

A perfect way to journal if you don't like writing in your Bible or if you need more room. Below are  samples of journaling in a Travelers Notebook Insert but you can use any notebook. These are samples from the Bible journaling Classes. Click on the image to find out more about the Bible Journaling Classes. 

This is one of the many FREEBIES I post on the Bible Journal Love Facebook Page.                                          Follow the FB Page to see new Freebies. 

Every month I create a new Travelers Notebook of Bible Prompts and a kit. This is from the June Glamcamping kit. Subscribe for notices. 

Bible Journaling in a Planner

Bible journaling in a planner is fun because you have built in boxes for your information.  I like the disk bound Happy Planner but you can use any planner. 

From the Bible Journaling Psalm 119 Class (Learn 10 Bible Study Methods using a planner!!)

This is actually a Digital Planner I created in Photoshop Elements​

Bible Journaling Digitally

My FAVORITE way to Bible journal is digitally! For so many reasons:  #1. No mess! 2. Cheaper (use things over and over, never run out of color)  3. Fast! super fast. 

You can print for to add to an Interleaved Bible (every other page is blank).                                 Check out the Photoshop Elements Class

Click to see the Sweet Treats Kit

Click to see Dance Kit

In the Bible Journaling Classes I teach you how to make pages like this Digitally and give you the images!  See the Patriarchal Era Bible Journaling Class for more. 

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