Free Bible Journal Prompts for Travelers Notebook

I create one free Travelers Notebook of Bible prompts every month. Click on each image to go o the download page. 

Bible Prompt Book Instructions

You can create one entire Travelers Notebook of Bible Prompts using these free pages below.

  1. Order a Travelers Notebook Insert here (free Prime shipping) or create your own.
  2. Print the PDFs
  3. Adhere to your pages. (Use you favorite adhesive or sticker paper)

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Free Printable: Hope Bible Verses

These verses focus on a hope theme. There is nothing more sure than God’s Word—no One more faithful and worthy of our faith and hope.

Free Printable: Love Bible Verses

These 28 verses focus on a love theme. Jesus said all the commands can be wrapped up in two: Love God and love others!

Free Printable: Joy Verses

Free Printable: Knowing God Verses

These 31 verses focus on a Knowing God.God delights in the reverent devotion of those who anchor their lives on his steadfast love.” 

Free Printable: Things Above Verses

These 30 verses focus on a Knowing God. God wants us to focus on things above by meditating upon and memorizing Scripture.

Free Printables: Time with God Verses

Focus on Time with God ( see the Time with God Course Here).  

Free Printable: Family Bible Verses

Focus on Family with a Glam Camp theme. See the matching kit in my Etsy shop.

Free Printable: Freedom Bible Verses

Focus on Freedom and Liberty! with a Patriotic theme. See the matching kit in my Etsy shop.

Free Printable: Character Verses

These verses focus on character.  For more on character see the Proverbs 31 & Bible Woman Course here.

Free Printable: Season Bible Verses

These verses focus on times and seasons  with adorable  fall animal theme.  See the matching kit in my Etsy shop. 

Free Printable: Thankful Bible Verses

Here is a list of 30 Bible verses on gratitude and thankfulness.  See the Free matching Bible Margin Strips here.

Free Printable: Incarnation Verses

These verses focus on the birth of Christ.   See the matching kit in my Etsy shop.

Free Bible List Prompts

Prompts and samples. 

Facebook Group Freebie

Samples of a #BibleList Layout

Facebook Freebies

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Facebook Page Freebie

Facebook Page Freebie

Facebook Page Freebie

Pages from the Creation Bible Journaling Course

If you are Bible journaling in a Bible or Travelers Notebook you will love the Printables from our 12 Bible Eras Classes!  Below are samples, click on images to go to class description pages.

Pages from Patriarchal Bible Journaling Course

Pages from Proverbs 31 Bible Journaling Course

Bible Courses

FREE Time with God Course

Do you find yourself having difficulty finding time for Bible reading? Would you like to develop a morning routine habit of pray and Bible reading time?

I need this challenge! When I  lack time in the Word I become spiritually dry and walk in my flesh. Uggh! Double uggh!


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Bible Journaling Digitally

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Jonah Watercolor Kit

Watercolor Ocean Bible Journal Love

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