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Sample Layout using only Friday Freebies

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Use Pocket Cards as Bible Tip-Ins

What is Bible Pocket Journaling?

It is a  quick and easy way to Bible journal. Instead of hours painting, cutting, gluing and mess you journal on decorated cards then tuck them into plastic pockets in albums.

You still have the option to add more decorations if you feel creative but the main purpose is to focus on God's Word. 

Think of a 3x4 inch or 4 x 6 inch Bible Pocket Card as a Bible journal page. These are just guidelines and you can do anything you want.  Use the cards individual units as a tip-in or to compose one larger Bible journal page. 

Verse Mapping See images here

Project Life Cards

The pocket Card idea is a take off from Becky Higgins Project Life Cards: Scrapbooking became a huge trend in the early 80s. But due to the economy and time involvement around 2008 if took a giant dive. In 2009, Becky Higgins designed Project Life (pocket card system) as a quicker and easier way to scrapbook.

Becky Higgins Project Life Cards

Becky recognized that the art of putting creative and elaborate scrapbooks together was a very difficult, overwhelming, and somewhat impossible task for a lot of people. She had a deep desire to simplify the process of scrapbooking for herself and for others. This is what brought her to the point of developing a system that made scrapbooking easier, faster, simpler.

Instead of hours cutting and gluing you used predecorated cards and photos into plastic pockets in albums. Soon after Project Life digital took off.   I added Project Life to my scrapbooking around 2013. 

In 2014, I found Bible journaling (Shanna Noels terrific idea) and combined my two favorite hobbies: Bible study and scrapbooking. Shorty after I started designing Bible journal kits.

I have often thought about Bible journaling with Project Life but was busy with Bible journal classes but it has always been on my mind. This week I finally got a chance to try it. 

Quicker & Easier Bible Journaling

Creating a Bible journal card is less overwhelming than an entire page. If the card is pre-decorated you just copy Scripture. No need to worry about layout.

Within the blocks, you can add Scripture, journaling, art, and other ephemera.  

 I am excited about several possibilities:

  • Create a card a day with and make an album or Pocket Travelers Notebook (PTN) using the Bible journal monthly prompts
  • Use as adorable tip-ins for Bible or sermon notes
  • Make an album on a Bible theme (Grace, Forgiveness, Holidays, Law, Love, Worship, Creation, Messiah,  etc.)
  • Make an album or (PTN) on a Bible book
  • Make an album or PTN on a Bible passage
  • Make an album or PTN on a Bible character

Album possibilities:

Organizing Bible Study

This page uses the S.O.A.P. Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. I added cross references and another Bible version cards too. 

Think of the organizing possibilities! This is a great way to practice using Bible study tools.

  • Sermon notes
  • Bible Commentary
  • Bible event
  • Key words
  • Key events
  • Key people
  • Who is talking, to who
  • Observation
  • Application

The page below is on a Bible Passage  useing the"Key" Bible study approach. Listing the Scripture, Key Words, Key Verse, Key Principles, Application and Conclusion. 

For those who enjoy creating on your computer  Bible Pocket Journaling can be a neat way to organize your Bible study like the examples above using a Bible Pocket Page like the free one below as a template (be sure to save it with a different name). Clip different papers to the cards for a whole new look! 

In paper scrapbooking, pocket scrapbooks uses clear page protectors that are divided into smaller pockets. The digital take on this has been to replicate the pocket grids. There are a lot of options for designs — from digital page protectors to stitched grids to clean and graphic photo blocks.

If you are interest in creating digital products we offer a class for you here.

You can get creative decorating cards yet still focus on the main Bible passage(s).  

The only difference between Project Life and Bible Pocket Journaling: photos. Instead of focusing on photos we focus on Scripture. 

I used to journal what we did now I want to journal what I am learning--spiritually. 

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Bible Pocket Cards

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