Free Class: WWJD on Social Media, Bible Prompts & Friday Freebie

This week's freebie has a Bible verse, two memory quick dex cards, one masked lady, flowers, hearts and word art. 

Friday Freebie

Download the files from the bottom of this page

Free Class & June Bible Prompts

What it's About: Social media has become part of our daily lives. These networks have opened new possibilities of devising and learning new information, sharing ideas and connecting with others. This has changed the way people interact and carry on with their everyday lives. We can join groups of other like minded people. But with possibilities come problems. This class is about how Jesus would respond on social media. 

How it Works

  1. Enroll in the class.
  2. Download and print out the Bible Prompt Check List 
  3. Log in each day to read the verses and devotional (self paced, don't worry if miss days)
  4. Copy the verse into you favorite journal item: notebook, Bible margin, or memory dex card, etc.
  5. An optional printable and digital kit will be available at the Bible Journal Love Etsy Shop (Lord willing by May 30).
  6. Discuss what you have learned in the Bible Journal Love Facebook Group

Free Printable Bible Prompts

Peek Into the WWJD on Social Media Kit

Lord willing this kit will be available May 30 in the BiblejournalLove Etsy Shop.

Memory Dex Box Pattern! Now Available

I've been working with Cecelia, she lives in Canada and owns the PaperZen shop on Etsy.  She made an adorable little Memory Dex Box pattern  in a printable PDF and SVG file. It so easy to make. You only need two 8.5x11 papers you can print from your printer. It the easiest SVG file I have ever worked with. Super sturdy and how cute are those scallops? 

Bible Journal Love Facebook Group

The Facebook Group has a new name: Bible Journal Love Circle. We each have a different circle of friends and family and a responsibility to love to encourage all in our circle. Because of our common love, for God and Bible journaling, we overlap and flow with each person in this group circle.

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Sorry, Freebie Expired

The Freebies are free for one month then moved the Etsy shop. You can get all five add-on kits in the Etsy Shop (less than $1 each!)

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