The download link at the bottom of this post. All our Bible Journaing Prompts are created to fit inside a Travelers Notebook Insert.

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Verse Mapping with Bible Journal Pocket Cards

Contagious Grace Bible Journal Kit

30% Off Until August 7

Watch for the printable and digital Contagious Grace Bible Journal  Kit in the Bible Journal Love Etsy Shop on August first. Its a huge kit-- not all shown. 

Six Blendable Transfers included!

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Layout Using the Contagious Grace Kit

Layout Using the Contagious Grace Kit

Layout Using the Contagious Grace Kit (the Jesus is Mine word art is in the Friday Freebie)

Grace PBJ (Pocket Bible Journal) Cards 

The Contagious Grace (PBJ) Pocket Bible journal Cards will be in the Etsy shop August 2.  What do you do with the? Oh so much!!

  • Bible Verse Mapping
    • Journal the main verse
    • List different translations
    • Explain the background (what chapter is about)
    • Define key words
    • List cross references
    • Define the key lesson
    • List key people
    • Summarise
  • Character Studies
    • Person
    • Year of birth and death
    • List Bible references
    • List main events
    • List geographical areas
    • Family members
  • Event Studies
    • Who
    • What
    • When
    • Where
    • How
  • Passage Studies
  • Topical Studies
  • Inductive Methods (key words)
  • Bible Journaling

Verse Mapping with the Contagious Grace Pocket Cards

Several embellishments in this page  will be in the August 2 Friday Freebie. Subscribe for email notices. 

Verse Mapping with the Contagious Grace Pocket Cards

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>>>>>In August the Friday Freebies will coordinate with the Contagious Grace Kit. 

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