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Consider it Joy?

Joy? Are you kidding me? I had to consider trials and suffering joy? When I look back at my many trials (you can read about them here) I am grateful. I have learned,  healed, and grown in character and that is what it is all about. We are being shaped into God’s character. 

Trials are Lessons

This week has been a real trial for me. My husband is in the hospital as I write. He has Congestive Heart Failure, Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetes, and Cellulitis. It is hard to watch him struggle to breathe. My friends have lifted me up and I have felt God’s presence. I have felt His peace, driving back and forth from the hospital, in the hospital and at home. 

Our  response to trails is more important than the trial. Taking thoughts captive and giving them to God immediately is critical. We must decrease and allow Christ to  increase. All of God’s works are towards increasing Christ.

We must decrease and allow Christ to increase. All of God’s works are towards increasing Christ. Everything He has done, is doing, and will do is related towards revealing His Son. If He is to become greater in my life, then I must become lesser, an inward decreasing, coming to the end of ourselves. We need brokenness–it is a spiritual blessing. How can I love my enemies, or bless those who curse me?

By decreasing, I allow Him to increase. We are changed into His likeness–transfigured, Christ in me, the hope of our glory. We are our biggest problem. Denial of self –typified by the Cross–death to sin–is critical. The carnal mind is against God. The degree that we accept the decrease of ourselves, is the degree we will experience the increasing of Christ. This is conformity to the very image of Christ.

I want brokenness to free me from the human thinking (carnal mind) and tap into God’s way of thinking. Only then can I allow the Living Water to flow from me to others. His grace is sufficient! We are perfected in His love and our brokenness.

This is why we should rejoice in trials! They press us deeply into Him–if we allow it. All we have to do is rest in Him. What a mighty God we serve!

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