This site is devoted to encouraging you to spend time in God's Word and grow closer to him.
Here we offer Bible journaling classes, digital classes, and spiritual encouragement. 

Bible Journaling the Creation Era 

What is a Treasure Journal?

A Treasure Journal is like junk journal with Scripture!

How it Works

  1. Enroll in the free class
  2. Download the Bible prompts printable
  3. Use a Bible, Notebook, Junk Journal, Dex Cards, or whatever means you want to Bible journal. 
  4. Optional: Get the Creation Era Kit  (printable or digital). 
  5. Read the daily devotional, write out the verse and journal your thoughts about what you are learning.
  6. Share your Bible journaling in the Bible Journal Love Circle Facebook Group.

Hello, Hello! I'm Robin Sampson. My passion is to encourage you to spend in the Word and grow closer to God.

Robin Sampson author, designer,, Bible teacher

Bible Teacher for 30 years is now teaching how to Bible Journal with online classes


I enjoy inspiring women through

I have taught Bible studies and homeschooled for over thirty years. I also write books: 

I lives just outside Nashville, TN in Goodlettsville. I gave birth to nine children, have 16 grandchildren, four great-grand children, and three Pomeranians. 

Verse Mapping Digitally

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Bible Journal Digitally Free with Photopea

Bible Journaling Digitally

Digital Benefits

  • NO MESS! —Nothing to put away when you finish!
  • LESS TIME! —Create a beautiful page in 20 minutes!
  • LESS COST! —Use digital stickers over and over!
  • LESS SPACE NEEDED! —Just room for a computer!
  • UNDO BUTTON! —Easy to Correct!
  • EASY TO SHARE! —Share pages online or print and adhere to your Bible

Interested in Bible Journaling Digitally? 

Start learning Photoshop Elements today with Quick Learn Course!

Want create beautiful Bible journal pages faster with less mess?  Join Robin's Facebook Group to learn more. Robin creates Youtube Tutorials based on Your Facebook Group Questions!

Bible Journaling Books

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