My Washiology & Washi Storage Ideas

5 Washi Tape Storage Ideas My Washiology #biblejournal #biblewashi

I love, love, love  wash tape. I have a nice collection now. Wash tape held me save money! I still get my color/pattern fix via a $3 roll of washi compared to  $10 to $20 for a yard of fabric.  (I used to hoard collect quilt fabric). The more wash I collected the more ideas I came up with for storage. Affiliate links included in this post.

My Washiology

  • The washi must be visible in my craft room (why hide the pretty).
  • No tape dispenser needed (because I tear my wash tape)
  • Must be easy to take a few rolls, in the color needed, into another room

Washi Tape Storage Idea #5: Jewelry Trays

Washi Storage Ideas #washi #washitape #biblejournallove #biblejournaling #organization #plannerlove #planneraddict #planner

When I first began my obsession collection I found cute jewelry drawers and stood them on end to store wash on my bookshelves. This method is fairly inexpensive you can get three trays in various sizes for less than $25. Once my washi tape collection outgrew the jewelry trays I put them in my drawers for --guess what?-- jewelry!

Washi Tape Storage Idea #4 : Cassette Tape Holder FAIL

Big fail! As the collection grew I saw the idea to store wash in an old cassette storage container. You probably seen this idea on Pinterest. It looks great in a photo but it is not practical at all.

Washi Storage Ideas #washi #washitape #biblejournallove #biblejournaling #organization #plannerlove #planneraddict #planner
  1. I tried covering the ugly brown pressed-board with pretty wash but it did not stick.
  2. The washi was hard to get out of the tiny slits
  3. The tape would fall out the back and downside the box (it was a real pain to get it out)
  4. Forget about taking it to another room.
I love washi tape in my bible #washitape #biblejournallove #biblejournal #biblewashi

Washi Storage Idea #3 : Storage Bins

Washi Storage Dollar Store Bin #dollarstorediy #washitape #biblejournallove #biblewashi

When the cassette tape storage failed I dumped all the wash tape into a large bin from the Dollar Store. This is a great way to store the wash and see it by rummaging (and who doesn’t love to rummage through pretty colors). $1 storage is a great  bargain!

If the $1 bin look a little too frugal there are lots of better quality bins in several colors at Walmart, Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, Amazon, etc. The point is a large bin can hold the tape and is easy to grab the rolls you need quickly.

Washi Tape Storage Idea #2: Washi Tape Holder

Memory Keepers makes a Washi Tape Dispenser I purchased last year. Its pretty on my craft table but to big enough for my collection. If you have a smaller collection it may work for you.

Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser #washitape #biblejournallove #biblewashi
We Memory Keepers Washi Tape #washitape #washistorage

Since I purchased mine they now offer a We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser Stackable Post, 4.5-Inch so you can stack create a double decker. I was thinking about trying it since invested in the first one, then again I really like by bin option below.

Washi Storage Idea #1 : Lasy Susan Bins

Now we come to the fantastic solution I am using now. I love it. I invested in two carousel bins. One holds 9 bins the other holds 6. This works for me because I have a ton of turquoise (includes teal, aqua) and only a few yellow rolls. So I use the larger bin for turquoise smaller bins for smaller collections.

Only need to take a few bins to another room but if I want them all I use my craft cart.

Lazy Susan Washi Tape Dispenser #washitape #biblejournallove #biblewashi

One More Washi Storage Idea!

I really like this idea that was posted in our Facebook Group. Neat idea. I don't know who to give credit for it. 

You only needs rods and clothes pins and  a glue for a quick and frugal storage idea. 

Why Do a Washi Tape Inventory?

Washi Tape Inventory #washitape #biblejournal #biblejournallove #planner
Washi Tape Inventory #washitape #biblejournal #biblejournallove #planner

Now that I am using Travelers Notebook Inserts, I decided to do an inventory. Why? Several helpful reasons:

  • Seeing what it looks like on white- can be very different from on the roll.
  • Watching for lousy tape. Had a few bad experiences. When I know which is bad I won’t go back.
  • Keep track of what I have (need more yellow!)
  • To find multi color tapes. Example. I have a beautiful pink and green tape in the green bin. If I’m looking in the pink bin and I might miss it.
  • Inspiration planning my Bible journaling pages.

Washi Tape Storage #washitape #biblejournallove #biblejournal #planner
Bible Journal Online Class #biblejournallove #biblejournal #biblestudy #bibleclass
Washi Tape Storage #washitape #biblejournallove #biblejournal #planner
Bible Journal Online Class #biblejournallove #biblejournal #biblestudy #bibleclass

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