Take it up a Notch: Improve Your Bible Journaling Time

This is a little tip that can make a huge impact on your Bible time.  This morning I wanted to make a page on Romans 12 "Cling to What is Good" As I made this page I listened to the book of Romans on Youtube. I love it!. I listened to the entire book. 

This little tip will take your Bible Journaling to the Next level: FREE. Take it Up a Notch

This page was created digitally on the computer. You can learn how I make pages like this in this Bible Journaling Class: 12 Bible Eras. 

I was motivated to continue journaling and listen again. So I decorated the opposite page too--one of my favorite passages Romans 11 on being graphed-in. 

Both sides of this Bible spread took about two and a half hours to create. Usually Bible pages take about 20 minutes (because I make them digitally on my computer) however anytime I create the Bible words with individual alphas it takes much longer (but so worth it!).

The book of Romans reads in one hour and thirteen minutes. So it was perfect. I listened once for each page. God's Word never returns void. 

SEEK GOD: ASK and you shall receive!  He promises He will grant you both the will and the way.

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Put on the Bible before you go to bed. If you wake up you can listen until you fall asleep again. Put it on for your kids too! It will transform you. 

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