Below will walk you step-by-step on how to verse map using pocket Bible Journal cards. You can do this with paper cards or digitally or both (hybrid). 

I have been using  Bible Key Worksheets and the Inductive Bible Study Method for over 20 years.  Verse mapping is very similar. I've combined these approaches with Becky Higgins Project Life ideas to create Pocket Bible Journal Cards.

 Verse Mapping is a method of studying the Bible in a way that unpacks the scriptures using word origins, context, definitions,  and prayer to help you find deeper meaning in God’s Word and apply it to your life.  

Step 1: Pocket Journal Filler Cards

Gather pretty pocket sizes cards (sizes: 3x4 and 4x6) paper or digital. See several options below.

Pocket Card Options:

Print to Put in an 8x8 Album

Step 2: Journaling Cards

Gather journaling cards  ( 3x4 and 4x6 you can trim down) to go on top of the filler cards.  A lined set is inside the Free Printable or  Layered PSD File

Step 3: Bible Study

This is the exciting part! Digging into Scripture. There are several different combinations I will list below. Do not feel limited! 

This Bible Pocket Page will give you an idea: 3 translations, list of cross references, passage context, two key words, and application. Remember this is a just one example there are a gazillion of combinations! You learn as you go what works best for you. 

Verse Mapping a Verse

  • TRANSLATIONS: Read in several translations. List two or three that speak to you on cards.
  • KEY WORDS: Make a list of key words. Define the most important ones on cards. Use a Lexicon or Bible Dictionary
  • CROSS REFERENCES Read several of the cross references (related verses). Make a list of them or write one or more on a card. You can always add an extra page if you need more cards. 
  • CONTEXT: Context is determined by thorough, careful observation of the text. Write a summery of the passage or chapter context.
  • APPLICATION OR CONCLUSION: What is your conclusion? How can you use what you learned? Summarize what you learned from your research. You may want to re-write the passage in your words.

Add a Second Page

For those of us who love to dig deep into a a passage you can always add more pages. 

If you need more room just add pages. In an album the pages would face each other. 

Step 4: Share

Share your page to encourage others (Mark 5:19).  As a homeschool mom I aways try to use this four-step method. 

Sharing Options

  • Share online. We would love to see your digital or printed pages in our Bible Journal Love Facebook Group! Don't forget Instagram and Pinterest. Hashtag #PocketBibleJournaling 
  • Place the cards in an album one pocket at a time
  • Print and place the entire page in a an 8x8 or 12x12 album

Pocket Bible Journaling Samples

Click on the images for lager view. 

If you have questions or decide to try Pocket Bible Journaling join us on the Bible journal Love Facebook group to share.

Free Printable Downloads

Click here or on the image to download the freebies.

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