What’s Wrong with Jesus Calling by Sarah Young? (Part2)

This is a 2 part post. See Part 1 here. I do not like giving critiques (so I usually don’t) but this one diatribe makes it necessary because it reminds me of the Witch Hunts.

When I read the critiques of this book I shutter. Christians that fall for these nasty spirited reviews must be blind or just believe anything they read.

One absolutely laughable post critiques Young’s book with the title NEW BOOKLET TRACT: The New Age Implications of “Jesus Calling” The author, Warren B. Smith writes:

“Sarah Young’s “Jesus” also makes indirect reference to two of the mega best-selling New Age books of the last thirty years—Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb and M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. Young’s “Jesus” invites her millions of readers to “go out on a limb” with him and to take “a road less traveled”:

What a joke! No where in any of Young’s books does she refer to Shirley MacLain’e New Age book or Scot Peck’s book.  For this author to use a common phrases like this he needs to go cirque about 10,000 Christian books that use similar phrases.

  • The term the road less traveled meaning  is from From Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken, 1920. It is a common phrase I have heard from the pulpit.
  • As to “Out on a Limb” I have personally used this phrase many times and NEVER had anything to do with Shirley MacLaine’s book. Etymonline says that the figurative sense is from 1897. The Phrase Finder supplies a quote from 1895. For example, the Steubenville Daily Herald, October 1895: […] If we get the 14 votes of Hamilton we’ve got ’em out on a limb. All we’ve got to do then is shake it or saw it off.

Anyone Using the Term “Visualization” Must Be New Age

Warren B. Smith claims because Young uses the term visualization she is a New Ager. Look how ridiculous! Here is the sentence he quotes: “One morning as I prayed, I visualized God protecting each of us.” Wow! Really. This make her New Age?

The Bible refers to visual reminder: It will become a visual reminder Isaiah 19:20

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines vi•su•al•i•za•tion \ˌvi-zhə-wə-lə-ˈzā-shən, ˌvi-zhə-lə-, ˌvizh-wə-lə-\ noun, 1883 1: formation of mental visual images or 2: the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visible form

Anyone Using the Term “Visualization” Must Be New Age

Warren B. Smith claims because Young uses the term meditation  she is a New Ager. If you follow Warren B. Smith  logic you better call the Bible New Age too.

According to the  The NASB Topical Index the word meditation is all through the Bible: 

MEDITATION  (see PRAYER) general practice of ♦ by Isaac: Ge 24:63 ♦ by the Psalmist: Ps 104:34 ♦ evidently by Jesus: Mk 1:35 in relation to the Lord, meditation upon His word practice of: Jos 1:8; Ps 1:2; 119:15, 23, 48, 78, 97, 99, 148 results of ♦ prosperity: Jos 1:8; Ps 1:2–3 ♦ success: Jos 1:8 ♦ productivity: Ps 1:2–3 ♦ spiritual insight: Ps 119:99: meditation in His temple: Ps 27:4: meditation upon His lovingkindness: Ps 48:9: meditation upon the Lord Himself: Ps 63:6: meditation on His works: Ps 77:12; 143:5; 145:5: meditation on His wonders: Ps 119:27: meditation on His majesty: Ps 145:5, in relation to one’s heart: Ps 4:4; 19:14; 49:3; 77:6, in relation to time ♦ day and night: Jos 1:8; Ps 1:2 ♦ in the morning: Ps 5:3 ♦ all the day: Ps 119:97 ♦ toward evening: Ge 24:63, various other uses ♦ meditation on terror: Is 33:18 ♦ meditation on certain virtues: Php 4:8

Anyone one Using the Term “Light Bearer” Must Be New Age


Warren B. Smith claims because Young uses the term Light-bearer she is a New Ager. The term Light-bearer in a dozen devotionals and in the Bible:

Ezek 32:8 As for all the lightbearers in the heavens, I will obscure them over thee – And will stretch out darkness over thy land, Declareth My Lord Yahweh.
Phil 2:15 so that you may prove to be blameless and spotless, faultless children of God in a crooked and perverted age, in which you shine as lightbearers in the world as you continue





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