QwikLearn Photoshop
& Photoshop Elements


Don’t waste another minute.
Skip the frustration
and feel like a pro in just a few hours!

Course Description

Get going fast, creating artistic projects and enhancing your photos. Learn how to:

  • Customize your desktop and set your preferences for a better workspace
  • Master a few simple tricks that will save you tons of time
  • Banish the "layers" phobia for good (You won't believe how easy it is!)
  • Design delightful photo collages you can email to friends and family
  • Add an artistic flair to your projects using the magic of clipping masks
  • Fix common photo problems so your photos look their best!
  • Create fun effects with type
  • And much more!


Linda has taught digital scrapbooking for Epson and Adobe, has been a columnist for Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine, and has taught on the PBS series Scrapbook Memories. She is Adobe’s endorsed scrapbooking expert and has an international following.

Special Limited Offer

Purchase a class for any affiliate link on this page and receive a $20.00 Coupon to my Etsy store.

How to get the $20 coupon: 

  1. You must purchase Linda’s class from the affiliate link bit.ly/PSE_Class to receive the coupon. Click on the enroll Now button below. 
  2. Send me a message though Facebook with your invoice # to receive the $20 coupon code.

Create Artistic Projects Like These:

What Others are Saying

Helen Ash
England, UK

“Being totally new I’ve been having ‘Aha!’ moments every few minutes! My family has now given up worrying that something is wrong when they hear me squealing ‘Woohoo!’”

Victoria Johnston

“I have taken a lot of online courses and in-class workshops and I find yours are the best I’ve had the pleasure to learn from.”

Ngaire McPherson
New Zealand

“I have WOW moments every time I watch a video, and I’ve been using Photoshop Elements for a long time.” 


No Steps Left Out

Each lesson builds on prior lessons, making sure you don’t miss important steps. Even if you’ve used Photoshop or Photoshop Elements before you’ll be amazed at the holes in your knowledge you didn’t even know you were missing!

Practice Files

You have access to all the photos and files Linda uses in the videos. That way you can follow along and make sure you understand the concept she is teaching.

Challenges To Help You Grow

At the end of each module you’ll have a chance to put your new knowledge into practice with a challenge. Linda supplies all the files and instructions for what to do (using knowledge you’ve already learned) and YOU get to create the project using your own design decisions.

In the very next lesson she does the exact same challenge from start to finish showing you what she did with the files, giving you even more design ideas!

Step-by-step Illustrated Manuals

Each class module has a PDF manual with all the step-by-step instructions for each lesson. Some people learn better by reading, so if that’s you, I’ve got you covered. AND it’s a great way to quickly review a concept you’ve forgotten!

Option To Download

Prefer to work offline? You can download all the videos, manuals, and practice files. Or save the hard drive space and access everything through the online classroom. Your choice!

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