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Bible Journaling Online Classes

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    Do you want to make Bible a priority of your day –have you tried several studies but soon lose interest? 
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    Do you wish you could find time to invest in your relationship with God? 
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    Would you like to combine crafting and fellowship into your Bible study time? —You have come to the right place!
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    Would you like have fun during Bible time and retain 90% of what you learn?

 Studies prove learners retain approximately 90% of what they learn when they do something with what they learn and share with someone else/use immediately. 

Rave Reviews from Customers

"Living in England I was new to using a Traveller’s Notebook for crafting so what a wonderful experience the Proverbs 31 study has been. I can’t remember a time when I was so eager to open my inbox! The materials are absolutely beautiful and the most amazing value but the teaching, YouTube tutorials and guidance notes have been priceless. I have treasured every precious minute and loved it so much I bought a subscription for a friend"

Heather Hannet


"This was my first online bible study. I'm enjoying every minute in the Lord's word.  I want to thank you Robin for such a wonderful experience learning of a virtuous woman in the Proverbs 31 Class.  I've learned of her faith, marriage, mothering, health, finance and service just to name a few. I'm following Tom Bradford on Youtube also. You've opened up a whole new way to better understand the Bible. God Bless You.."


Orlando, FL

"The Proverbs 31 & Bible Women Class was one of the most rewarding studies I've ever done. God's word, incorporated with all the beautiful graphics, and adding our own personal, creative touches has made it something I will cherish forever.  Thank you, Robin for all of your hard work. May God richly bless you and any future endeavors as you so graciously share your heart and talents with us. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart."


[The Psalm 119 Course is] brilliant for encouraging you to craft through your bible. It has been a fun time. I would say though, don't feel like you have to do it every day as it can take a while. You don't have to journal every bit. You can just read one day and read and journal the next. Let it fit into your schedule, there is no condemnation or guilt if you fall behind. This course is brilliant for building up ideas on the best method for you to use. It allows you to taste several different ways of learning, studying and crafting God's word. Every day you read your bible is a day of growth.

Pam Maidment

Robin truly delivers a,great overview of the Creation Era with this unit! With the DigDeeper materials, most of which are free, you can stick to the basic overview or dive even deeper into the Scriptures. Her artwork is beautiful. Robin even provides an extra way to really feed your creative side by showing how to do different techniques with digital journaling. You can keep your pages simple or as elaborate as you want. You will not be disappointed!


Wow! The Creation Era class was more than I expected. Robin’s class had me exploring the Bible in more depth. Her added resource list provided unbiased sources that provided a deeper understanding of the biblical story. Also added to the Bible study were tools for journaling your thoughts. I love the fact that Robin provides different media for journalling. I love using the Traveler’s notebook for journaling, and with her journaling material you can be crafty in your Bible,planner or Traveler’s notebook. You can do it digitally or on paper. Ive been journaling it digitally and putting it in my TN. I’m so glad I took this class.

Susan S

There are so many ways to say how much I've enjoyed this Psalm 119 study! I can't even begin to enumerate them all. Robin, you have been so mightily used by our Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for being a willing vessel. You have some additional jewels in your crown, I'm quite sure! ... the fullness [of my journal] represents fullness of time spent with the Lord and allowing His Word to penetrate some very deep, deep places! I have grown so much in this time spent in Psalm 119...So I'm thankful for what's already taken place in this study and looking forward to continuing to share this journey with all of you. Robin Sampson, I thank the Lord daily for you, my sister!

Deb Baker


Robin’s courses never disappoint, and The Creation Era is no exception. The amount of information she provides is astounding, but never overwhelming. She begins with the start of Creation and makes it easy to understand and to learn. The art that she gives with the lessons make journaling so much fun, and brings even more meaning to the lesson. I found the lesson well worth my time and money. I give it 5 stars out of 5, and highly recommend it!


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About the Teacher: Robin Sampson

I’m an author and a graphics designer, and have taught Bible studies for over thirty years.  I gave birth to nine children  (five boys and four girls, ages 16 to 42),  I am Marmee to fifteen grandchildren and now have two great-grand children. I've homeschooled for thirty years and currently homeschool my two youngest teenage sons. 

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