I help believers learn to study the Bible as they Bible journal 

I have a passion for Bible study and want to motivate you to have the same.

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The current class we are discussing in the Facebook Group is the Patriarchal Era.

Here a peek into the Creation Era Treasure Journal: 

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A better understanding of Scripture... Chronological thinking and thus Spiritual growth through a better understanding of each ERA. Thank you Robin for each and every Detail you put into these Lessons.

WoW! This is my first study and I have admired your creative work for a few months after I stumbled on them in a Scripture search. You are so very generous to provide this beautiful study and all these journaling components! Thank YOU!!

Robin, I truly enjoy the Bible studies. I am encouraged, learning and growing. If I spend a long time with a lesson, that's on me. Not you. Not the lesson. This is my kind of Bible study. My heart and mind are already full continuing to absorb. Thank you for your time and all you do to help us study God's Word, journal and create beautiful dex cards and pages.

I am so thankful for this Bible study! Everything is so easy to understand and so clear. I appreciate all the hard work that went into the preparation and I appreciate your willingness to share this freely with those of us who love the Lord and want to learn more about His Word. God Bless You and Thank you again! Bonnie Annis

Bonnie Annis

Really like the Dex cards. Even busy people can quickly complete an art concept with them. The small size forces me to simplify concepts, which helps me.I also enjoy oil painting, so my art time often goes there.

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Robin is an author and 30 year homeschool veteran. She taught her nine children. . She has taught Bible study for 30 years. Robin and her husband reside outside Nashville TN. See Robin's books here.

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