My name is Barbara Hartshorn, and I’m a theologian, humanitarian, wife, and mom of three. Having stepped into middle age, I’ve had the privilege to discover and nurture my faith through various life experiences. After experiencing first-hand the astonishing potency of Christ’s love, I’m enthralled to spread it around!

On this website, you can expect various content for honing and strengthening your bond with God. With Bible studies, devotionals, personal musings, and invaluable guidance at your disposal, we aspire to provide you with resources that will heighten your spiritual journey and help you walk with Christ.

Not only do I work on the blog, but I’m also heavily involved in providing charity and spreading the Lord’s love to those who need it. It’s my mission to carry out Jesus’s legacy here on Earth—by serving and loving others as He did.

At Bible Journaling Digitally, we believe that blending Christian faith and creative expression can be truly transformational. Our platform is devoted to providing easy tips and insightful articles on an array of topics, such as theology, Scripture study, and journaling techniques. So if you’re looking for a fun and spiritual way to unleash your inner artist, come explore with us! You can get in touch with us today!