Sabaton Christian

Sabaton Christian: Exploring the Band’s Musical Themes Beyond

Sabaton Christian

Sabaton Christian is a music band that rose to fame in 2005 when they released their “Primo Victoria” album. Since then, the band has devoted itself to conquering the world with its unique heavy metal style, bringing together great songwriting skills, history, catchy tunes, etc.

There have been many controversies on whether the Sabaton band is Christian. That’s because they sing quite a lot about Christianity and religion. This article addresses these claims and discusses more about the Sabaton band.

Is Sabaton  Christian?

No, Sabaton  is not Christian rock. The band has a couple of songs about historical Christian battles. However, it’s frequently secular and even performed a song about the inquisition, “Burn your Crosses.” Most songs by this band, like Sweedish pagans, 7734, sound more pagan than Christian.

About Sabaton

Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band whose main lyrical themes are war, history, and ancient battles. The band is based in Falun and has so far released nine studio albums, two EPs, three live albums, and nineteen singles. Joakim Broden and Par Sundstrom founded the band in 1999, and they’ve taken active roles since then.

Although Sabaton is mainly considered a power metal band, it’s also considered speed metal, heavy metal, and thrash metal. The band is known for its fast-paced, guitar-driven songs and the use of war-themed and historical lyrics.

The name “Sabaton ” refers to a medieval armor called a Sabaton, from where the band obtained its name. Sabaton is known and praised for its melodies, catchy hooks, and live performances. 

They have been nominated for various awards, including Grammy Awards, where they’ve won several awards, including two Swedish Grammis.

Is Sabaton  Anti-War?

There’s no definite answer to this question, as everyone will have a different opinion. However, it’s safe to say that many people agree that the band is not anti-war. That’s because it often writes and performs songs that glorify military history and war.

Historical battles, war, and acts of bravery are the main themes of Sabaton. Even their name is a play on Sabaton, or knight’s foot armor. Also, all songs on almost every album have a theme similar to armor and battle, except Metalizer.

Other Bands You’d Never Thought Are Christian

Not every band with Christian lyrics is Christian rock. Here are bands you may never think are Christian:

Mumford & Sons

The leader, Marcus Mumford’s parents, are leaders in the evangelical vineyard church in England, where Marcus is a member to this day.

Most of Mumford’s songs reflect his spirituality, with some being more direct than others. Marcus told the Guardian in 2010 that his song’s lyrics are deliberately spiritual but not religious. And that he thinks faith is beautiful, real, and universal.

Here are some of Mumford & Sons’ songs about spirituality:

“Sign No More”

Serve God, love me and mend/ This is not the end/Lived unbruised, we are friends/ And I’m sorry/ I’m sorry.

“Whispers in the Dark”

Whispers in the dark/ Steal a kiss, and you’ll break your heart/ Pick up your clothes and curl your toes/ Learn your lesson, lead me home/ Spare my sins for the ark/ I was too slow to depart/ I’m a cad, but I’m not a fraud/ I’d set out to serve the Lord.


Although this band has never sold itself as a Christian band, it has consistently put the Christian faith and Biblical themes at the center of the music for the last three decades.

This has made famous and the most popular acts of all time. Here are some examples from the U2 catalog:

“40” from War contains lyrics from Psalm 40:

I waited patiently on the Lord/ he inclined and heard my cry/ He lifted me out of the pits/ And out of the miry clay.

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is a direct gospel song:

I believe when the Kingdom comes/ Then all the colors will bleed into one/, But yes, I’m still running/ You broke the bonds/ You loosened the chains/ You carried the cross/ Of my shame? You know I believed it? But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s music is strongly influenced by the Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain brands. This makes it easy to miss that nearly all of their lyrics are in some way about God and Jesus.

The band’s bassist and singer, Robert Levon, grew up in Christian rock, as his father was the frontman of The Call, a Christian New Wave band. Here are some of the lyrics of their Christian songs:


So Jesus left you lonely/ Feel’s like nothin’s really holy/ No one, no one hears your calling/ Falling, everything is falling.

“White Palms”

Jesus seems to steal my soul/ He’ll never let me go? Jesus gonna make me pay? Never should’ve run away/ I wanna go home.


The original primary songwriter and co-founder of this band, Ben Moody, is from the Christian rock world. Thus, it’s not a surprise that many of this band’s lyrical themes echo Christian or religious themes.

Evanescence’s band’s records were mostly found in Christian record shops before they became a big mainstream success. Here are some examples from their catalog:

“Bring Me To Life”

How can you see into my eyes, like open doors/ Leading you down into my core/ Where I’ve become so numb/ Without a soul/ My Spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold/ Until you find it there and lead it back home/ Wake me up, wake me up inside/ Save me.


I’m dying/ Praying/ Bleeding/ Screaming/ Am I too lost to be saved?/ am I too lost?/ My God!/ My tourniquet/ Return to me salvation.

Sabaton Christian


So, is Sabaton  Christian? No, Sabaton is not a Christian band, although it features songs about Christianity. The band is heavy metal and mostly sings about wars, military history, and acts of bravery. The band once sang a song about the inquisition, “Burn Your Crosses,” leaning more towards paganism than Christianity.