Improve Your Faith Sharing with Public Speaking Skills

If you’re training for ministry or just eager to share your faith, public speaking may be a challenge. Often, 75 percent of us feel anxious when talking in public. But if you see a calling to spread God’s word, know He’ll help you learn the skills.

To get better, start with the basics of talking and listening. Work with others to practice. Then, make your message the key focus. Over time, you’ll speak with more ease and impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Public speaking is tough, even for ministry folks.
  • But getting better at it helps you share your faith more effectively.
  • Remember basic communication tips and know your audience.
  • Practicing with friends can boost your confidence.
  • Focusing on your message and trusting in God can help you overcome fear.

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Start with Communication Basics

To become a better speaker, you should first understand the basics of good communication. This means you should learn how to listen actively, understand non-verbal cues, and know who you’re talking to. By learning these basics, you set a strong foundation for your future work in speaking.

Active listening is crucial in good communication. It means really paying attention when others are talking. Focus on the speaker’s words, as well as their feelings and what their body language might be telling you.

Non-verbal skills are just as important. Your body language, like your gestures and how you hold yourself, can speak volumes. Learn to read others’ non-verbal signs too. Doing so helps you connect better with people.

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” – Brian Tracy

Understanding your audience is also key. Every group you speak to is different, with their own values and ideas. By tailoring your message to these differences, you can make sure it really gets through to them.

communication basics

We’re lucky to have so many ways to get better at speaking. For example, Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” is a great resource. It teaches you how to engage and connect with people, making your talks more powerful.

Getting good at speaking starts with these basics. Learn to listen well, notice what isn’t said, and understand who you’re talking to. These skills will make you not just a stronger speaker, but also someone who can truly engage and inspire others.

Practice Speaking in Front of Your Study Group

It’s good to practice speaking with friends before talking to strangers. Perform a speech for your study group. You’ll get better and feel more confident this way. Global University has a great group program for this.

In small groups, you can test how you communicate. You get to experiment. This makes you better at speaking in public. It also helps build your confidence.

Make your study group a safe space. It should be where everyone feels free to give advice. This feedback will help you grow. Remember, feedback helps you get better at speaking.

Being in a group helps you practice talking. Plus, you get to hear different views. You learn from each other and grow together.

Global University supports your speaking practice. They have groups where everyone helps each other. This encourages you to speak up more.

Benefits of Practicing in a Study Group:

  • Gain confidence in expressing your ideas and beliefs.
  • Receive valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your peers.
  • Refine your speaking techniques and delivery style.
  • Develop effective communication skills for future ministry work.

Never forget, public speaking is a skill you can improve. Keep practicing and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your group is there to support you in becoming a great speaker.

speaking practice

Focus on Your Message

Getting ready to share your message with others is a big deal. It matters because you are spreading God’s message. Stay faithful and believe God works through you.

Before speaking, calm yourself. Breathe, pray, and stay focused. Reading Psalm 19:14 might calm you (“May the words of my mouth…”). It can help you focus and stay calm.

Keep your message and faith close. This way, you can give an amazing speech.


How can improving my public speaking skills enhance my ability to share my faith effectively?

Improving public speaking boosts your faith sharing. Learn the basics, practice with others, and focus on what you say. This makes you a better preacher in your ministry studies.

What are the communication basics I should start with to improve my public speaking?

Start with the core of good communication. Learn about talking to people, active listening, and how your body language matters. Also, know who you’re talking to. These skills lay a solid ground for your ministry work.

How can I practice speaking in front of others to improve my public speaking skills?

Practice with your peers. Share speeches with them and get feedback. Global University has great groups where you can do this.

How can I calm my nerves and focus on my message before speaking engagements?

Before speaking, remember why your message is important. Have faith in God helping you. Breathing, praying, and staying collected eases nerves. Also, reading uplifting Bible verses can center your speech.

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