Spiritual Vexation

Spiritual Vexation: Inner Turmoil and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Vexation

We are all spiritual beings whose foundation of life is based on the vibes we receive from our surroundings. The vibes can be psychological, emotional, or material form. Our holy spirit, innately supposed to be at rest, is part of the spirit of the universe (Spirit Mundi).

So, anytime there are agents against the nature of the spirit, the mechanism of our soul is interfered with, making us feel vexed or uneasy spiritually. This process constitutes the vexation of spirit and is challenging to predict.

Stay here to learn more about the vexation of spirit and when it is likely to occur.

What Is The Vexation Of Spirit?

Vexation of the spirit occurs when the spiritual guidance of the holy spirit is suppressed, making one question their faith or draw them away from their faith in God through Jesus Christ. This may be caused by temptations to sin, losing a loved one, financial difficulties, mockery and denigration of that faith, persecution, or anything that can cause emotional and spiritual pain to a believer.

Spiritually vexed people form a blockage that prevents them from being in touch with the divine spirit that guides them through the good and the bad. This leads to them feeling lost and unguided and can make them question their faith or wonder if there’s God after all.

Vexation of spirit can take away a person from the path of holiness. It may also make them dwell in places that bury them in the sea of pain and despair.

Jesus said, “One cannot eat at the same table as God and demons. One cannot serve both God and Mammon. So, anything that would cause such a conflict within one’s self would be considered a vexation of the spirit.”

What Causes Vexation Of The Spirit?

Various factors can make you be spiritually vexed. Some of them include the following:

Feeling Unfulfilled

A spiritually vexed person is not satisfied with their life, irrespective of their material accomplishments. This is especially common in people who try to find emotional or spiritual satisfaction in material things, which can make them spiritually drained as material things only bring physical pleasure. Spiritual emptiness is an endless chasm that can only be used by spiritual healing.

Feeling Disturbed

When the positive energy flow to your mind is disturbed by people or circumstances, you may feel disturbed for no apparent reason. This can also occur when your self-esteem is violated, making your spiritual channels get negative vibrations. To ensure you’re happy spiritually, you need to identify these things and try to avoid them.

Uneasy Mind

The book of Ecclesiastes describes the vexation of spirit in detail. According to this chapter, the mind of a spiritually vexed person can never be at rest. There’s always some disturbing energy keeping the mind occupied.

This means spiritually vexed individuals spend many days and nights restless continuously. These people are always dissatisfied with their lives and complain as they cannot find anything to calm their minds. That’s because their minds seek fulfillment in material things which cannot help them, but only spiritual healing can.

Feeling Burdened

Spiritual vexation can also make your mind and heart feel burdened. It may feel like a heavy stone is pushing your chest. This means spiritual vexation can sometimes signify an enormous negative energy in your life that should be removed.

Jesus said, “My soul is vexed.” So, if you’re struggling to get rid of something, you may feel burdened or uneasy. Feeling burdened can also indicate you might start afresh and embark on a fruitful and full of glory journey.

Thus, being spiritually vexed can sometimes signify starting your life’s journey by removing the past burdens and rolling away the stone. Because if people didn’t have to roll away the stone, there wouldn’t be the miracle of resurrection. So, you’re being deeply buried in heavy spiritual grief may be a sign of a new spiritual awakening.

Feeling Grieved

Spiritually vexed people always feel grieved. That’s because a vexed spirit is a troubled, perplexed, or grieved spirit. A spirit that dwells against God’s or nature’s law is cursed.

Vexation of the spirit is also considered vexing the spirit of the supreme God itself, as all are ultimately connected to one divine being. So, vexation of the spirit is a punishment for disobedience given by the ultimate spirit for disturbing the energy flow in the universe.

Spiritual vs. Physical Vexation

Spiritual vexation is very different from physical vexation. You can feel spiritually vexed even when your body is at ease, as the real issue is not the physical body but the spiritual. If spiritual vexation is connected to the concept of body, then it would have been a concern for the low-income since rich people can afford all the pleasure. This shows that spiritual vexation is not concerned with the class or a person. The divine law is equal for all, whether poor or rich.

Some people attempt to nourish their spiritual voids by surrounding themselves with different types of physical pleasure, like food, lust, or clothing. However, this doesn’t help them and often comes as a setback, making them feel more spiritually vexed. This creates a vicious cycle where they continue to find themselves entangled.

Such people seek more spiritual and physical pleasures hoping to satisfy their souls but continue to be entrapped in the cage of the physical aspect of being. Hence, spiritual vexation cannot be healed by offering your body different worldly pleasures. This spiritual matter can only be treated by focusing on spiritual grief.Spiritual Vexation


Vexation of spirit is prevalent in the modern world as many people are more focused on material fulfillment than spiritual salvation. Capitalist forces have taken over people’s lives to the extent that material satisfaction is presented as equal to spiritual satisfaction.

But at the end of the day, one needs to connect with their innate self to change the external factors in their life. Otherwise, they risk living with the old unchanged self that’s always present like a shadow at every step.