watching anime as a sin

Watching Anime As A Sin: Is Watching Anime a Sin for Christians?

watching anime as a sin
Watching anime as a sin is a type of animation that originated in Japan and comes in various styles, forms, and iterations, whether hand-written or computer-generated. As a popular art form and entertainment medium, many Christians are concerned about whether it’s sinful to watch anime.

So, is watching anime a sin? Why do some people believe watching anime is sinful and others not? What does the Bible say about artistic expressions like anime? Tune in to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Is Watching Anime A Sin?

The Bible does not explicitly say whether watching anime is a sin. It’s the content that determines whether whatever you are watching is a sin or not.

If the anime content is harmless and contains educational themes, it’s safe to say it’s not a sin to watch. However, if the anime content is destructive and can promote sinful activities, then it’s a sin to watch.

For instance, watching anime featuring pornographic scenes is a sin because it causes you to lust, and lusting is committing adultery in your heart. Matthew 5:28 and 5:30 say:

“But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

“And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.”

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether or not watching anime is okay for you and your conscience. But to be on the side of caution, it’s best to avoid watching anime altogether, especially if you are concerned about it being sinful.

What Does The Bible Say About Anime?

The Bible covers various topics, including anime, and although it doesn’t explicitly mention anime by name, different key principles can be applied to this form of entertainment.

First, the Bible teaches Christians to avoid all forms of idolatry. This means Christians should not put anything above God in their lives, including anime.

The Bible also condemns consuming anything harmful to the mind and body. This means refraining from violent or sexually explicit anime, which can negatively affect your view of human sexuality and relationships.

What’s more, the Bible teaches Christians to use their time wisely and not waste it on things that don’t matter. And while anime may be enjoyable, it should not prevent you from pursuing what is truly important in your life.

Can Christians Watch Anime?

Christians are often urged to steer clear of anime because the media can affect their actions and thoughts.

However, some Christian anime fans argue that anime can be enjoyed without its cultural origins. They say that in the same way some anime contain elements of occultism and paganism, there are others with Christian themes and messages in the best-loved titles.

For instance, the famous Neon Genesis Evangelion series is filled with Christian symbolism, and its protagonist, Shinji, constantly struggles with his faith. For this reason, Christians may watch anime without fear of being exposed to occultism or paganism.

However, they should note that not all anime suits all audiences. And that some titles may contain content that’s inappropriate for younger viewers.

Is There An Anime For The Bible?

No, there’s no anime for the Bible. I know this may surprise many since both anime and the Bible are popular. But there’s nothing like bible anime.

Note that this doesn’t mean there aren’t religious anime. Several religious anime exist, and good examples include Kyokai no Kanata, Kemono Friends, and Rakuen Tsiho: Expelled From Paradise. These anime don’t necessarily focus on the Bible or any other religious text.

So, you’ll be disappointed if you are looking for a bible anime. But maybe, in the future, someone may create a bible anime. Meanwhile, you can consider watching Superbook, an anime based on the Bible.

Superbook features Chris, a boy transported into the Bible with his friend Joy to learn about God and his love for humanity. This anime is a great way to learn more about the Bible, not to mention it’s fun to watch, especially for kids.

How Can Christians Watch Anime Safely?

Although it’s best to avoid anime altogether, some Christians don’t feel that way. If you must watch anime, here are tips to help you watch anime safely as a Christian:

Look At The Rating

Rating is an excellent way to determine the anime content you are about to watch. The Japanese Board of Film Classification rates most anime titles, letting you know what to expect from the anime.

If the anime is rated X18+ or R18+, it’s likely not appropriate for Christians to watch.

Reviews From Other Christians

Like anything found online, there are many online communities where Christians discuss anime. These communities can be an excellent resource to establish which anime titles are appropriate for Christians and which are not.

Your Own Discretion

You can also use your discretion to determine whether you should watch anime. If an anime appears like it may be too mature for you, it probably is and best avoided. So, be on the side of caution and avoid titles that make you uncomfortable.

Your Relationship With Christ

Establish your relationship with Christ and see how your lifestyle matches with what Ephesians 5:22-25 says. If you are strong in faith and uphold God’s law, you may be safe to watch anime.

However, if you stumble in your everyday life, you may want to avoid anime for some time to grow your relationship with Christ. But if you insist on choosing to watch anime, satang may use it to his advantage, drawing you further from God.

watching anime as a sin


So, is watching anime a sin? There’s no specific answer in the Bible on whether watching anime is a sin. However, the kind of content should act as a guide.

Harmless and educational content is not sinful to watch. But violence and pornographic content are sinful to watch. However, if you want to be on the safer side, steer clear of anime altogether.